About us

REXLUBS lubricants is engaged in the supply, storage and distribution of base oils in addition to the manufacturing and marketing of lubricants inside and outside of United Arab Emirates.

REXLUBS lubricants

As high international levels of standards are practiced in our business, our performance has been well recognized. This is attested by simply looking at it in a tactful light that within five years, we have emerged into a thriving business conglomerate, receiving the IOS 90012022 award.

Global Lubricants Blending Plants Our ISO certified semi-automatic blending plants are strategically located in our factory, successfully catering to the growing demand of lubricants to our valued customers and caters to the lubricant industries with a high range of product lines comprising of Automotive, Industrial, and Marine.

These products are formulated with high quality paraffinic and naphthene base stock and well-balanced selected additive packages to produce long lasting, apart from traditional lubricants, we also manufacture advanced industrial lubricants in various packages. Otherwise, we enjoy a high and fast production technology, whether by manufacturing or shipping, our basis is customer or customer satisfaction, and deliver it wherever.